Ideal Impact Info Session

Thursday, February 22, 2024
5:00 pm - 6:00 pm

This event is an informational session designed to give students a better understanding of the work that Ideal Impact has done and continues to do with Schools and Christian Ministries. Students will have an opportunity to hear directly from the founder and president of Ideal Impact, Wes McDaniel. Wes is known globally for his work in developing people and companies. Despite his achievements on a global scale, his priority is to personally interview all new hires. His heart is to know every employee individually and share the impact God has had on and through him. After speaking about Ideal Impact, Wes will describe the 7 behaviors we look for in new hires rather than particular backgrounds or degrees and expand on our employee development system. We believe in growing people beyond the basic functions of their roles and instead desire to provide an opportunity for those looking to learn and grow a variety of professional skills; whether it be data analysis and administrative teamwork, public speaking and relationship building, or an understanding of building automation and energy optimization. Finally, we will open the floor for questions and Wes will engage with students directly for the remainder of the time. Our standard hiring process involves a preliminary call to get to know an applicant, establish mutual alignment, identify what roles may be a good fit, and answer any questions! If an applicant is interested in moving forward with an interview, our goal is to schedule either an in-person or virtual meeting with Wes within a week. The total turnaround time from the preliminary call to an applicant's first start day, given that they are inclined to accept the offer immediately, is usually around 2 weeks. All positions are full-time and come with a wide variety of benefits, reimbursed expenses, and pay increases corresponding to progress through our internal development task list. See open job postings on Handshake for additional information on the positions currently available.